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Award Winning Interior Design

Our experience and track record as an interior contractor means we know what is build-able and deliverable within our clients’ budgets – we won’t present any designs unless we are sure they are both physically and commercially viable.

Our commitment, to in-house quality, schedule and cost controls, has strengthened our firm’s rapport with our clients. In fact, the majority of our projects are commissioned by previous satisfied clients or their referrals.

Otto William


Otto Wailliam is a Co-founder of Ham Constructions, He is also an Architect & Interior Designer

Phone No: (646) 978-1961

Kelvin Morris

Interior Specialist

Kelvin Morris is an American-based contractor and designer specializing in crafting one-of-a-kind results from concept to creation

Phone No: (936) 262-9554

Charles C. Pearl

International office/ interior specialist

Charles Chanock Pearl’s versatility and inspired approached is the product of twenty-five years of construction experience, including education from the School of the Art Institute.with a profound attitude to set standards Mr. Charles Holds an important position to the success HAM CONSTRUCTIONS.

Phone No: (346)867-8430

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